We all agree that our sarees need to be protected from dust and humidity. The plastic or polymer bags readily available in the market, tend to increase the humidity inside the bag as the weather changes. Over the years, it harms the saree in a slow and steady manner. Why do you think the sarees passed on by generations, by our mothers and grandmothers, are still as good as new, while our own wedding sarees have somehow lost that shine?  Its because our predecessors used only pure cotton cloth to store the sarees, while we have been lured towards colourful plastic covers which look good but end up harming our precious sarees.

The silk thread in your sarees will turn black with time if not stored properly. These sarees need to be stored in cotton bags or in muslin cloth so that the zari does not darken from oxidation by reacting with air. The cotton covers also keep your sarees from getting snagged by other fabrics in your wardrobe and protect them from moths. The only other precaution you need to take with your silk sarees is – making sure you refold them every few months. This will prevent it from tearing in the fold lines.

Cotton bags are great if your saree has elaborate embroidery work. The covers preserve the thread work by keeping it from getting tangled. These covers have no zips or velcro for this very reason.

Moisture is a major reason for saree decay. The basic molecular structure of cotton is perfectly attuned to collecting moisture. Cotton bags keep your sarees dry throughout the year. Plastic or polymer bags will trap the moisture, damaging the texture of the saree.

Cotton bags are washable and reusable. As a matter of fact, pure cotton bags often become softer and smoother with every wash.

Cotton bags are biodegradable and do cause harm to the environment.

Give your sarees a longer life. Your future generations will thank you for it. The joy and belongingness that you feel when you wear your grandma’s saree is beyond description. The saree may go out of fashion but it can be converted into a ghagra or a suit or a skirt! When we spend thousands on the sarees, lets not compromise on storing and preserving.