Gandhi Jayanti has become synonymous with Cleanliness. Today as we celebrate our Mahatma’s birthday, we need to realise that we had gained a step in plastic pollution but have gone back two steps thanks to the pandemic. 

Coronavirus waste has become a new form of pollution as single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) floods our ocean.

COVID-19 has had a number of unexpected impacts on the environment, curtailing recycling and increasing the use of plastic around the world.

In the midst of the pandemic and resulting economic implosion, industries such as fossil fuels, plastics, airlines, and automobiles have been scrambling for advantage. Some governments—particularly the United States’—are acceding to companies’ pleas for cash, regulatory rollbacks, and other special favors.

“There’s a serious risk that polluters could emerge from this crisis bolder and potentially more profitable than ever”

Let’s pledge to do our little best. If each one of us gives up the plastic bag, we could still control this new pandemic staring us in the face!